In fair weather

Daily from 10:00 am
Hot meals from 11:30 am


Im Stern-Innenhof
Getreidegasse 36
5020 Salzburg • Österreich
+43 (0)662 84 21 40

A Biergarten from a picture postcard

The Stern beergarden- the box seat of Salzburg’s old town. Where in medievel times the exposed city wall once ran is now the place where the best beer is served : the unfiltered sommer edition Sternbier. And right there you can get delicious treats like Brezn-dumpling-salad, grilled chicken or roast pork. Guests from near and far get their dishes in the newly built self service restaurant „Stöckl“

You can find water fountains which sprinkle water out of the ground…fun for big and small. At daytime the big chesnut trees give shade and after dark the Biergarten brightens up in atmospheric cool light. 

Welcome at the Sternbräu Biergarten

the most beautiful in Salzburg