Ab 21. November 2019:
Sternadvent im Sternbräu Innenhof


Im Stern-Innenhof
Getreidegasse 36
5020 Salzburg • Österreich
+43 (0)662 84 21 40


It’s a privilige to sit here in the heart of the old town of Salzburg, on true historic ground. The medievel town wall ( 1465-1480) was located right under us. Archaeologists found precious pottery artifacts from the baroque era during excavations.

And while you are getting your food and drinks in the newly built „Stöckl“,  something might catch your eye : in the middle of the impressive glas building you can find a primary congloremate pillar from 1750 which makes the „ Stöckl“ Salzburg’s most modern self service Restaurant a historical landmark.


Up to 1907 the old Sternbräu brewery was locarted here until it moved to the Riedenburg. In the year 1931 the Biergarten was established.

Historic shot of the Stern Biergarten from the opening year 1931. At the back is the old Mönchsberg elevator

The Stern Biergarten in the middle of the „Sternbräu gastronomy world“ in the year 1995.
The newly rebuilt „ Stöckl“ in october 2014 with the congloremate pillar from the year 1750

The Stern Biergarten  grew in the 20th century to Salzburg’s most popular  and lively Biergarten. Up to the refurnishing in 2013 / 2014 there was a famous self service restaurant right in the middle of the Biergarten.

After the renovation the newly rebuilt „Stöckl“ has a capacity of well over 200 seats. And although a historical landmark nothing stayed the same.

At the sides you can find water fountains which sprinkle water out of the ground…fun for big and small. After dark the Biergarten brightens up in atmospheric light. Of course the good old chestnut trees stayed at place.

With high quality standards in our food and beverage range, the Stern Biergarten is more than ever the „place to be“ for locals and  guests from all over the world.

And one to remember: The Stern Biergarten changes ist face in winter time to the Stern Advent christmas market.

Cheers and enjoy your meal


Your Sternbräu Team

Facts and worth knowings

Our Biergarten has a capacity of 224 seats

 Water fountains and atmospheric lights raise quality of life

Unfortunatly we take no reservations in the Biergarten

The whole Biergarten is a self service area

Bringing your own food and beverages is prohibited. We are sorry for any inconvenience